About Us

Mick Flavel has spent a lifetime working in all areas of caravans:

Designing, Manufacture, Service and Repairs, Parts, Accessories, Promotions, Caravan Workshop Clinics,

Caravan Safety Seminars, Caravan Safaris and Caravan Clubs.

Blasts from the past:

1948 - Cyril Fenn and Mick on the A frame of the first BiTone Van made. Victoria Park WA

1960's - Bi Tone Yard in Welshpool 1962

1960's - Bi Tone 1964

1960's - Bi Tone 1964

Late 60's - Something you don't see every day.

As Olympic Fibreglass Caravan Dealers at the time, Bi-Tone Caravans,

the family comes up with a promotional idea of sailing an Olympic Caravan down the Swan River.

That's Mick in the water trying to reconnect the van to the boat after the Rottnest Ferry's wake dislodged it.

70's - Bi Tone West Coast Trailer Club Equipment Truck